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Pet Day
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Completed May 14 , 2020
It's pet day at Maple Grove School and excitement is in the air as children arrive with a large variety of animals. While their teacher is introduced to a little girls Teddy Bear, a a boy waits patiently with his dog. Everything from dogs, kittens, a pony, a pig and a very stubborn donkey will be included in todays show and tell.

BB 1261 Annie's Pies
Annie's Pies
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Completed June 11 , 2020
The scent of apples, pumpkins and cinnamon hang in the air, tempting anyone that happens to pass by Annie's Pie shop. Fresh out of the oven and made to order, an aromatic apple pie is handed to the mother of a large family that wait patiently in their wagon. 

BB 1262 Racing the Storm
Racing the Storm
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Completed July 9 , 2020
Growing up on a horse farm and making hay, we could always count on a late afternoon thunderstorm. This family rushes to get in the last load before the rain starts. With the first lightning strike behind the mountains, it looks as though it's going to be a close call. While we had many close calls, we always managed to finish just in the nick of time.
BB 1262 Racing the Storm
A Ghostly Good Night
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Completed August 11 , 2020
Bats fly overhead keeping watch over the trick or treaters out for a night of mischief. As costumed children travel from house to house, curious ghosts peek around gravestones and fly overhead enjoying the otherwise quiet streets.
BB 1262 Racing the Storm
Peace on Earth
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Completed September 22 , 2020
A full moon and twinkling stars bring a sense of peace to this small town. While parents arrive with some of the youngest children, others take their place in the manger for the annual Christmas Pageant; something my own sons participated in when they were young.  Getting a dozen children prepared was always a bit crazy (to say the least) but in the end, everything came together creating the most anticipated event of the year.
BB 1262 Racing the Storm
Dockside Activities
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Completed November 08 , 2020
While ships float across the bay, a young boy tests out his toy sailboat and three children, anticipating an adventure, push off in their small but sturdy dinghy. 
Seagulls, hoping for an afternoon snack, keep watch on the rough waters below 
as business as usual takes place on the docks
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Welcoming the New Year
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Completed December 7, 2020 
With the clock on the church steeple reading 8:00pm, there are only 4 hours to go until the new year. As families skate under a full moon, a young boy rides a small sleigh, pulled by his pet goat, and blows his horn to welcome the new year.

BB 1262 Racing the Storm
Grandpa's Wild Ride
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Completed January 1, 2021
Chickens scatter, a horse spooks and barnyard animals take notice as an old man brings his grandchildren and friends for a ride in his brand new Model T truck. Two neighborhood children try to catch up hoping they can join in on the fun.

BB 1262 Racing the Storm
Snowball Ambush
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Completed February 2, 2021
Warmer temperatures and soft snow make a perfect day for sledding.
Unfortunately, the conditions also make it perfect for packing snowballs.
While several children begin their descent, two mischievous boys armed with snowballs take aim with perfectly formed snowballs as their dogs join in the fun.

BB 1262 Racing the Storm
 Maisie's Flower Cart
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Completed April 13, 2021
Mid summer has arrived, bringing with it a large variety of colorful flowers. A young girl pulls a cart full of her gardens bounty, hoping to make some sales. 
While her little brother rides along, her pony has decided that the small 
purple flower on her hat looks like a tasty treat.

BB 1262 Racing the Storm
Next in Line
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Completed May 14, 2021
The warm weather of late spring encourages people to come out of their homes and enjoy a walk in the sunshine or even a long weekend at The Castaways Inn. With more people outside, an ice cream vendor takes full advantage of selling his sweet treat. As he hands a young boy his triple dip cone, his dog waits patiently in line.

BB 1262 Racing the Storm
Ice Cold Lemonade
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Completed June 30, 2021
Bright sunshine heats up the day as families head home from their annual Independence Day Parade . Taking advantage of the people that will be passing by, children have set up a lemonade stand outside their very patriotic home.  There's nothing like a parade and ice cold lemonade on a hot summers day !
BB 1262 Racing the Storm
Apple Pie Delivery
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Completed August 12, 2021
Two curious owls hover over a farmhouse as guests arrive for Thanksgiving dinner. While his mother and sister make their way towards the gathering, a young boy runs ahead to hand off an apple pie (the best part of Thanksgiving) to his grandmother. 
A large Turkey keeps his distance on the other side of the road.
BB 1262 Racing the Storm
Flight School
Completed September 13, 2021
The Crescent Moon Inn is filled to capacity with young Witches and Warlocks
hoping to brush up on they're flying skills before the fast approaching Hallows Eve.
While a wise, old Witch hovers above a few of her regular students,
several younger children approach cautiously with the hope of riding on Halloween.