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May Flowers
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Completed October 3, 2013
April showers bring May flowers and in this little village everything is in bloom.
A couple out for a carriage ride stop to visit a friend and admire her flowering arbor.
A  little girl puts her basket down to purchase flowers for her mother while just above 
in the tree branches, a robin brings a freshly caught worm to her hungry family.

Christmas Eve Fly-By
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Completed November 12, 2013
One horse open sleighs carry families on their way to Christmas Eve festivities. Others
gather in small groups to discuss the evenings candlelight service. While the adults go about
their business, they are oblivious to the commotion in the sky. Only the children hear 
a jingle and look up to see Santa and his team of reindeer beginning their long journey.
Out to Sea
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Completed January 05, 2014
Three small children let their imagination take them on a journey out to sea as they 
play on their grandfather's old dingy. The dogs are excited about the trip and are 
begging to join in on the fun. Their grandfather, an old sea captain, walks down
 to see what all the commotion's about as seagulls circle overhead.
Johnny Ott's Hex Signs
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Completed February 12, 2014
Hoping to attract new customers, Johnny Ott has set out his newest Hex signs.
The sign on the stone barn to the left reads "Willkom" which means to greet one 
and all and the heart. It's not long before the brightly colored Hex signs catch
 the attention of a passerby. As the farmer talks business with the Hex sign artist, 
his son has some fun chasing a stray chicken.
London Bridges
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Completed March 19, 2014
The sun peaks through the clouds and warms up the morning’s frosty air just in time for 
afternoon recess. One young girl asks the teacher for help using the outhouse, while two
 others find a stray cat to play with. Boys kick around an old ball and others just talk
 while front and center a game of London Bridges Falling Down begins.
Dashing through the Snow
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Completed April 2 , 2014
Smoke pours from chimneys and snowflakes fall gently to the ground as
         families head home for a warm meal by the fire.  Two horse drawn sleighs meet up
 along the way and a friendly race ensues.  A young boy trys to keep up 
while his dogs run ahead and take the lead.
​Hallows Eve Hooligans
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Completed April 21 , 2014
The "Man in the Moon" keeps his eyes on the bats that fly overhead as mischief ensues below. Trick or treaters walk reluctantly towards the next house when they notice the commotion ahead of them. Two young hooligans hold up an evil looking Jack o Lantern while another 
yells and waves his hat spooking any horse or person that comes their way.

Yankee Doodle Dandy​
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 Completed May 22, 2014
Flags flutter as a gentle breeze drifts off the lake and passes through town. Families 
on their way to 4th of July picnics and holiday gatherings enjoy the warm weather and 
patriotic decorations. A young boy, dressed for the occasion, wears a feather in his hat 
and rides his toy pony while his grandfather plays “Yankee Doodle Dandy”. 
Friday Night Hoe-Down
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 Completed June 24, 2014
A full moon shines on this barn that's come to life after evening chores. 
Horses wait patiently while their passengers enjoy a Friday night hoe-down. 
The barn is so full that some couples have moved outside  to dance. 
​Completed July 24, 2014
As the snow picks up, children finish up their skating and head over to their families
 who wait nearby. A young couple on their way home realize too late that they
 have walked straight into a snowball fight. 
They look quite surprised as they wait for the snowball crossfire to begin.
Mermaid's Watch
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​Completed September 12, 2014
Sailboats come and go while seagulls circle overhead this oceanside town.
 The sun begins to set and candles are lit, sending forth a warm glow
 from several windows. People finish up their gossip, say their good-byes and
 head home as the mermaid sitting atop the fountain keeps watch over all.
Grandpa’s Giant Pumpkin
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​Completed October 2,2014
Frosty nights have brought the foliage to its peak. Pumpkins are piled in and around a 
 wagon along with mums that mimic the colors in the background. A young boy shows off 
the largest pumpkin from his grandfather's pumpkin patch to a group of neighborhood 
children as a little black cat waits for them to leave so she can hunt for field mice. 

Harbor-side Carolers
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​Completed November 2 , 2014
A full moon shines down on this harbor-side village as people begin to gather
 around a group of Christmas carolers. Wreaths hang from doors, windows and buildings
creating a festive atmosphere for the evenings festivities. To the left, two young boys,
 snowballs in hand take aim at the group that has gathered hoping for a little excitement.
Free Kittens
​Completed December 22 , 2014
​A little girl has set out a basketful of kittens that are ready to find their forever homes. Two boys have stopped by hoping to bring home a new pet while the family dog makes sure that none of the curious kittens wander off.

Fireworks Finale
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​Completed February 17, 2015
​Warm summer nights, patriotic decorations and fireworks bring back fond 
memories of July 4th celebrations. People stop to gaze at fireworks set off over the harbor as young boys with sparklers run through town. Dogs follow two brothers
 as they gallop their pony through town carrying flags celebrating Independence Day.

Roadside Gossip
​Completed March 23, 2015
A woman hangs several of her new quilts outside in hope of attracting customers.
While a customer stops at the quilt shop to inquire about prices, her daughters
attention is on the chickens that peck about her feet. An old man with his dog
and a young girl moving her geese to water pass by a wagon that has stopped
on the roadside while two women catch up on the town gossip.

Christmas Eve Flurries
Completed April 30, 2015
A young girl and her brother check the mailbox to make sure their letter made it to the North Pole in time for Christmas. Their ponies watch intently as a snowman family moves in and guests arrive. Snow flurries begin to fall just in time for Saint Nicholas to make his long journey this Christmas Eve.
The Musical Mermaid
Completed May 27, 2015
While families comb the beach in search of shells, seagulls gather at a sand bar, 
in search of a snack. Soothing music guides the gulls closer to the three mermaids sunning themselves on a cluster of rocks. Having found a golden harp in the washed up pirates chest, one of the mermaids plays the instrument. While some seagulls dance about, others settle on rocks and enjoy the show.

New Friends 
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Completed July 1, 2015
Sheep graze peacefully on the hillside while mother hens with their chicks 
finish the last of their feed. It's milking time and two cats stay close by 
hoping for a bowl of warm milk. Puppies out for the first time, 
are a little hesitant to leave their mother but the most adventurous
 of the three makes his way over to make a new friend.
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Halloween Fright Night
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Completed August 7, 2015
It's Halloween, there's a full moon and the ghosts have come out to play! Carriages pass through the graveyard quickly, hoping to avoid any scary confrontations. Three little children dressed as ghosts take notice of the real thing peeking from behind the headstones. Another young girl and her mother dressed as witches seem more amused than frightened of the apparitions while up above a group of witches pass by.
The Halloween Queen and her husband stand watch in front of their home.