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"Dancing in the Moon Light"
Completed  May 18, 2012
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Three children hide behind a gravestone on Hallows Eve hoping to learn if
the tales of Witchcraft they're overheard are fact or fiction. They're in luck!
Witches dance around a steaming cauldron as two little devils,
one playing the fiddle and another peeking from behind a tree seem to
be enjoying the festive atmosphere. Two Owls keep watch as bats flutter overhead and horses frolic in the moonlight. There's even a black widow spider
 making her way down for a front row seat on one of the Jack-o-lanterns. 

"Let it Snow"
Completed June 15 , 2012
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An evening storm draws children out of their warm homes to play in the fresh snow.
Children fly down a nearby hill on their sleds as their dog runs ahead.
A little girl peeks from behind a snowman as her brother gets pelted with a snowball.  
Another young boy arrives on his pony hoping to join in on the fun. 
Sledding, snowball fights and building snowmen are enjoyed by all. 

"Raking Leaves"
Completed July 15, 2012
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Frosty nights have brought beautiful autumn foliage to the trees in this valley but it's not long
 before they begin to fall to the ground. Two young boys help their father rake leaves into piles as their
 four dogs along with their mother who is grazing the families' horse, supervise the never ending job.

"Safe Harbor Inn"
Completed August 22, 2012
As the sun sets, cumulus clouds form on the horizon. White caps form and a cold wind blows
causing everyone to head for shelter. After a long journey at sea, a whale seems to guide a ship to safety.
Spying the warm glow of light and smoke pouring from the Inn's chimney, a family traveling through stops to ask the elderly innkeepers if there's a room available where they can wait out the storm. 
Everyone looks forward to a warm meal and soft bed at the Safe Harbor Inn.
"Packing a Picnic"
Completed September 10, 2012
Festive balloons drift by as a family packs for their annual Fourth of July picnic at Grandmas.
Children are lifted into the wagon while their mother waits nearby with a freshly baked blueberry pie.
The family dog sits near baskets filled with goodies hoping there's room for him in the wagon.
"Rosalia's New Skates"
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Completed October 8, 2012
Three young boys race through the crowd of people that have come to skate on Holly Hill Pond
Snowflakes begin to fall and everyone wants to get their time in on the ice before its covered with snow.
A dog causes an inexperienced skater to fall as he recognizes his family and runs to greet them.  
Little Rosalia is hard to miss in her bright red jacket and brand new white figure skates!
"Christmas Tree Hill"
Completed November 10, 2012
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Christmas is just around the corner and many people are out trying to find the perfect tree.
Two corgis's run ahead of three children that have been out gathering holly and greenery for their home.
 A father and son drag a freshly cut tree down the hill as children decorate an outdoor tree with apples
for any wild animals that might wander by.  A family out for a winters eve sleigh ride witness others
admiring the tree that will grace their home on Christmas day.

Moonlight and Fireflys
Completed December 12, 2012
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It's a warm humid, night and the fireflies have appeared signaling that summer has arrived.
Children run barefoot across their backyard trying to catch a few to light up their rooms for the night. 
 A little girl holds up a jar that glows softly to show her brothers
as a young boy brings his net down on one of the blinking bugs.
Piles of Pumpkins
Completed January 21, 2013
Golden fields, a few brightly colored orange trees and a chill in the air signal an evening frost is on the way.
Piles of Pumpkins and baskets of apples have been brought to the fence line so they can be collected easily 
and put inside for the night. The horse pulling the wagon is offered a well deserved treat as off to the left,
 two barn cats hunt for field mice that might have been displaced in the commotion.
Telling the Bees
Completed February 14, 2013
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Long ago, country folk had a deep respect for bees and considered them part of their family.
Bee keepers believed that their bees would fly away or die if they weren't told of important events.
Especially significant were births, marriages and deaths. In this painting a young woman 
tells the bees of a death in the family as she drapes a black cloth over the hives.
 Her young brother watches intently knowing that he will someday carry on the tradition.

Gower Gulch Snake Oil
Completed March 19 , 2013
Medicine shows were common in the 19th century. A traveling horse and wagon team with a
 smooth talking salesman would sell elixirs that were supposed to have the ability to cure any disease,
 smooth wrinkles, remove stains, or cure any number of common ailments. Entertainment was often
 included as in this painting where a young boy plays the banjo while the showman peddles his ware.
Towns people begin to gather as the salesman bamboozles them into spending their money. 

Christmas Eve Dinner Guests
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Completed April 11, 2013
Christmas lights twinkle and a warm glow radiates from the windows of this home as guests arrive.
 As their father and brother walk back to the house after barn chores, two little girls and their
mother come outside to greet relatives as they arrive for Christmas Eve Dinner.  After a long day
of  sledding,a young boy pulling a sled with his sisters in tow arrives just in time for the festivities.

Halloween Mayhem
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Completed April 30, 2013
While searching for old victorian homes on google images for my next Halloween painting,
I came across this house. It turns out it belongs to one of my favorite author's, Stephen King.
Looking at my paintings, most people would find it hard to believe that I enjoy scary
books and movies.....but I think we all have a little dark side! I decided to have some fun
and incorporate some ideas from his books. While the house on the top right brings back
back memories of "Salem's Lot", the topiary animals from "The Shining" stand watch below.
To the left is the graveyard from "Pet Cemetery and is that "Cujo" standing just below it,
thinking about chasing the rabbit that got him into trouble? Stephen King, dressed as a warlock
 opens his gates to the many children that are out Trick or Treating.

As the Sun Sets
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Completed June 12, 2013
People stop to chat on their way home from a picture perfect day at the seashore.
Picnic lunches, catching fish and kite flying were the popular activities of the day. As the sun sets,
two seagulls fly overhead hoping to find a scrap of food that might have been left behind.

Catch of the Day
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Completed July 7, 2013
The sun breaks through the clouds as people come out to enjoy this Fourth of July.
A family of swans stay near shore and try to avoid the children out on their boat as 
several young boys head home after a morning of fishing. A cat and her kittens
head towards the smell of fresh cat fish as a young boy shows off his catch of the day.
Wrong Direction
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Completed August 8, 2013
Bay, Chestnut and gray horses gallop over fences and through a farmers field surrounded by
the colors of fall. Several huntsmen and women, wanting to avoid the jumps, have taken the
road that runs alongside the field. A young boy,out for his first hunt rides close to his father
and seems to be the only one that notices a blur of red that runs by. The hounds continue to follow
the scent as the clever fox backtracks in the opposite direction. 
Snow Day
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Completed September 4, 2013
Excitement is in the air as snow begins to fall. Two dogs race to greet a boy pulling his sisters on their bright red sled while behind them a snowman is brought to life as children add a bright blue scarf. Above, a horse drawn sleigh trots towards a covered bridge and skaters glide across a frozen pond. Everyone enjoys a snow day, except perhaps, the ones who have to shovel!
May Flowers
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Completed October 3, 2013
April showers bring May flowers and in this little village everything is in bloom.
A couple out for a carriage ride stop to visit a friend and admire her flowering arbor.
A  little girl puts her basket down to purchase flowers for her mother while just above in
the tree branches, a robin brings a freshly caught worm to her hungry family.
Christmas Eve Fly-By
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Completed November 12, 2013
One horse open sleighs carry families on their way to Christmas Eve festivities. Others
gather in small groups to discuss the evenings candlelight service. While the adults go about
their business, they are oblivious to the commotion in the sky. Only the children hear a jingle
 and look up to see Santa and his team of reindeer begining their long journey.
Out to Sea
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Completed January 05, 2014
Three small children let their imagination take them on a journey out to sea as they play
on their grandfather's old dingy. The dogs are excited about the trip and are begging to join in 
on the fun. Their grandfather, an old sea captain, walks down to see what all
 the commotion's about as seagulls circle overhead.
Johnny Ott's Hex Signs
Completed February 12, 2014
Hoping to attract new customers, Johnny Ott has set out his newest Hex signs.
The sign on the stone barn to the left reads "Willkom" which means to greet one and all and the heart.
It's not long before the brightly colored Hex signs catch the attention of a passerby.
As the farmer talks business with the Hex sign artist, his son has some fun chasing a stray chicken.

London Bridges
Completed March 19, 2014
The sun peaks through the clouds and warms up the morning’s frosty air just in time for 
afternoon recess. One young girl asks the teacher for help using the outhouse, while two others
 find a stray cat to play with. Boys kick around an old ball and others just talk
 while front and center a game of London Bridges Falling Down begins.

Dashing through the Snow
Completed April 2 , 2014
Smoke pours from chimneys and snowflakes fall gently to the ground as
         families head home for a warm meal by the fire.  Two horse drawn sleighs meet up        along the way and a friendly race ensues.  A young boy trys to keep up while his dogs
run ahead and take the lead.