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Meeting The New Foal
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Completed April 20, 2017
A trip to grandpa's and grandma's farm is always anxiously awaited, especially in the spring when there are baby animals. While chicken's and their chicks peck about in the barnyard, children become enthralled with a new foal.

Swan Pond
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Completed May 22, 2017
Water falls gently from the Old Red Mill, creating ripples on the clear, blue pond.
As a young boy pushes off from shore, swans approach from both sides, 
anticipating that the children have brought scraps of bread for them to snack on.

Mr. Wiggins Whirligigs
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Completed July 10, 2017
Several Sailboats float by as whitecaps form on the Bay.
Although there's a cool breeze, it's warm enough for a walk on the beach
or a ride in town. With the light wind, it's a perfect day for Mr. Wiggins to 
show off his newest Whirligigs.  A young boy picks out a sail boat with a 
pinwheel up front as his mother catches up with neighbors.

The Quilt Barn
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Completed August 5, 2017
Quilt squares painted on a round barn draw attention to the colorful quilts 
displayed on either side. As women shop, their husbands gossip and wait patiently. 
The owners dog and cat greet customers as they arrive.

Witches Brew
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Completed September 5, 2017
Mr. Pumpkin leads a horse with a wagon full of Trick or Treaters for a 
haunted hayride. Jack o Lanterns glow while two witches stir up a tasty brew for Halloween. Three field mice to the left and one on a pumpkin to the right proceed carefully as owls are on the lookout for their next meal.

A Visit to Grandfather's Toy Shop
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Completed October 8, 2017
After a day of winter activities, children stop by to visit their Grandfather. With his long white beard, he just needs to put on a few pounds to look like Santa. With Christmas just around the corner, it's awfully convenient that his Toy Shop is right next door. 
Here Come's Santa Claus
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Completed November 13, 2017
Christmas is just around the corner and this town is bustling with last minute shoppers. Just above on the left, a farmer brings his horses in for the night while in the field to the right, children get in a few more runs with their sleds before dinner. As the pastor of the little white church waves at a family traveling by, down below, there's commotion as a gentleman dressed in red with a sled full of toys passes through.
School Days
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 Completed December 11, 2017
Smoke billows from chimneys on a cool fall morning as children walk to school.
As a young boy collects his lunch basket from his mother, his little brother and sister watch from the front porch wishing they could join him.

The Young Patriots
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 Completed January 16, 2018
Flags flutter in the gentle ocean breeze while homes decorated with red, white and blue  signal that Independence Day is here. Two young boys, wave their flags proudly, as they march towards the bright red popcorn wagon for an afternoon treat.

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 Completed February 10, 2018
Winds blowing through the valley make conditions perfect for kite flying.
As three children take advantage of the weather, two boys out for an afternoon ride, 
stop to admire the colorful kites flying high in the sky.