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Home For Christmas
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Completed October 22, 2018
Horse drawn sleighs carrying aunts, uncles and cousins arrive for Christmas Eve dinner. Candles glow warmly from each window and a tree is displayed in a large window, inviting the family inside for a holiday celebrationHome for Christmas.
Kringle's Tree Farm
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Completed November 13, 2018
While a family contemplates cutting down a tree in the field above, others choose from the fresh cut trees at Kringle's Tree Farm. Mr. and Mrs. Kringle greet a young girl as her parents and brother look for the perfect evergreen.

Skating at Fox Run Mill Pond
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Completed December 19,2018
 While three children warm up by a small fire, others take advantage of the full moon and freshly shoveled ice at Fox Run Mill Pond. A pair of foxes wait patiently for everyone to finish up so they can hunt for their evening meal.

Making a Wish
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Completed January 12, 2019
 Sheep graze peacefully in the fields above as an elderly couple go about their morning chores. While one of their grandchildren helps feed the chickens, the other three dream up wishes as the throw pennies into the wishing well.

Along for the Ride
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Completed February 14, 2019
 Colorful foliage, a crisp blue sky and cornstalks bundled in golden fields 
signal that fall has arrived. As a family on horseback prepare to leave for 
the afternoon ,their dog waits patiently, hoping to tag along .

Balloons Over the Bay
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Completed March 15, 2019
Colorful balloons drift overhead as down below, sailboats glide across the bay.  
A wagon full of children waving flags passes by the lighthouse as another family
gets ready for a patriotic picnic.
 Road Block
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Completed April 25, 2019
A mild autumn day has brought people out of their homes to enjoy the fall foliage. While a mother brings her son to the barber for a much needed haircut, a dog wanders into the road, holding up the one wagon traveling through town. 
Hope's Quilts
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Completed June 6, 2019
Quilts displayed on a bright white fence, flutter in the gentle spring breeze. 
While women shop, hoping to add one of these beautiful quilts to their 
collections, their families wait patiently. 
Fishing with Grandpa
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Completed July 8, 2019 
The afternoon sun heats up the day, drawing people to the pond at Goose Mill.
As two boys enjoy their toy sailboat, a grandfather helps his granddaughter
 unhook a catfish. Holding tightly to his mothers hand, a young boy moves 
towards them cautiously, while a mother goose warns him to keep his distance.

Halloween Hallabaloo
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Completed August 1 , 2019 
Trick or Treaters finish up their rounds as others begin to gather for the annual Halloween Hullabaloo. While a little bear has his costume adjusted, an angel and devil greet a boy with his pig, and a wagon full of costumed children arrive. 
Meanwhile, two witches fly by keeping watch over the evenings festivities. 
Bayside Birdhouses
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Completed September 3 , 2019 
Birds begin to gather at freshly painted birdhouses placed outside 
"For the Birds" workshop. As one woman points out her favorite, another family considers bringing home a small birdhouse. Their son seems more interested in the dog  thats greeting the children passing through on their ponies.

Guiding Lights
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Completed October 15 , 2019 
A lighthouse along with a full moon help guide ships home safely for the holidays.
As people finish up last minute shopping, the angel on one store blows her horn in anticipation of Christmas day.
The Christmas Coach
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Completed November 20, 2019 
People gather around the coach to greet family and friends that have arrived for the holidays. Candlelight glows in the windows of the Black Horse Tavern, welcoming the weary travelers while the livery just across the road stands ready for the horses.

Barnyard Curiosity
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Completed December 19 20, 2019
A warm day after a snowfall creates the perfect conditions to build a snowman.
While children arrive to admire the finished product, the horses wonder what this
strange creature is doing in their barnyard. As the palomino and chestnut pony watch with curiosity, the bay pays particular attention to this strangers carrot nose.